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Ever Felt Your Heart Was In A Battle?​

Tell Me More About The Book...​

The greatest war you'll ever fight is not
on the battlefield but in y​our heart.

​Through developing a victorious mindset, believing the truth and defeating giants, you can experience transformation and stand steady upon the ‘Rock.’ Lesley Ann Whittle discovered a powerful process that will help you;

  • Discover your true identity and purpose

  • Defeat giants of fear and insecurity

  • Develop a victorious mindset​ 





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What Others Are Saying...


Michael K Whittle

"Battlefield of the Heart reveals that the greatest challenges are within; you will be empowered to rise above all that has pushed you down. Be prepared for your heart and mind to be transformed, enabling you to live life victoriously."

Reverend Michael K Whittle, founder and Pastor of Good News Gospel Community Church and the Amazing Charity shops in Lancashire, UK.

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Andy Chadwick

"Lesley is an excellent communicator who leaves a lasting impression, whether you meet her in person or read her books.  She exudes joy and hope because she has found the answer to lasting contentment and peace. Lesley has been through many battles and has found the keys to victory.  In the midst of these turbulent days, it is essential that we use these keys to break out from defeat and stand tall as overcomers. "This book brings scripture to life and reveals how we can apply it practically to our lives in order to have victory on the Battlefield of the Heart."


Andy Chadwick, Pastor at Revive Church in Stalybridge, UK. 

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Kary Oberbrunner

"Lesley’s book will help you navigate the war zone of life to discover who you are, what is holding you back, and how you can claim true victory."​


Kary Oberbrunner, author of Your Secret Name and The Deeper Path


Diana Lynn James

Battlefield of the Heart takes the reader on a journey of perseverance, hope, and faith. Lesley’s life changed forever when she realized she had more power to take control of her thoughts and actions than she previously believed. Throughout the book, she uses experiences and bible scriptures to show the reader how they too can live a joyous and fulfilling life, regardless of past circumstances and inner turmoil.

—Diana Lynn James, author and freelance editor.

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Matthew Kurian

​"Lesley is an incredible person with an attitude of “never give up.” She has gone through many challenges and struggles, but became strong and powerful through applying the word of God. Lesley turned to Jesus and overcame her difficult past to become victorious. This book describes how she learned to turn unpleasant circumstances into joyful situations. Battlefield of the Heart will be a blessing to everyone who reads it." 

Matthew Kurian, Pastor and public figure, ​co-founder of - El Shaddai Charitable Trust in Assagao, India.

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Bola Akande

"​Lesley is a genuine child of God whose testimony will be worthy of note. They say that experience is the best teacher in life, and having overcome difficult times herself, she definitely can show us how to live a victorious life because we know that her testimony is built on facts and faith. Now that her “mess” has now become a message, we all must learn from her experiences in order to become overcomers ourselves. This book takes you on a journey that will liberate you from purposelessness, fear, insecurity, and other enemies of true fulfilment in life." 


Bola Akande, His Praise and Glory Media Ministry.


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Positive affirmations for self worth

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