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Motivational Speaking...​

"Lesley is Dynamic & Inspirational" ~ Niccie Kliegl 


I am a motivational speaker, who loves to teach the word of God, help build faith and inspire people to reach their goals and dreams. 


I have a degree in Biblical Studies certified by 'International School of Ministry.' I also work alongside my husband who is an Ordained Minister of the Gospel.

Some years ago I realized my passion was to help people discover what holds them back from being the best version of themselves, and reach their highest potential. 


So I developed a 'Faithbuilders' class with worksheets for Bible Study Groups. I love an interactive style where everyone participates in learning, by asking questions and using illustrations. 

My favourite Bible verses are:

John 8:31-32  - Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. then you shall know the TRUTH  and the TRUTH shall set you FREE."  


John 10:10 -Jesus said, "The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may have LIFE, and have it to the FULL."   

Speaking Topics...​

  • Who is Jesus? 
  • Discovering your True Identity
  • Purpose for Living
  • Defeat Giants of Fear and Insecurity
  • Growing in Faith
  • The positive Kingdom of Light
  • Confidence and Comparison
  • Developing a Victorious Mindset
Giving a Speech



Janice Hogg

Mental Health Practitioner, MADT (Independent mental health charity.) Tameside.

Lesley has the amazing ability to make simplify our faith and make it easy to understand. She helps us to connect faith in our everyday lives. She is able to communicate how faith is an integral part of knowing Jesus and is shown in the wonderful way Lesley delivers her teaching. She is an inspiration.


Amanda Allen

Cafe Manager at Oasis Cafe- MADT (Independent mental health charity.) Tameside

I attended Lesley's 'Faithbuilders' group every week together with several other people. We always had an enjoyable study and discussion time along with prayer.

Each week, Lesley came with a prepared heart to teach us about the Kingdom of God, and the story of the Bible from Creation to Revelation. Some of the lessons were about our identity, our new creation; fear or faith; winning over worry; and the power of our words. 


She always came equipped with illustrations to enhance the subject she was teaching on.

As a result of 'Faithbuilders', Lesley's teaching, interacting and listening to others in the group, I have grown in my faith. 

I highly recommend Lesley's teaching, she is a lady who by her own character and actions changes people's lives.

Tony canal_edited.jpg

Tony Anthony Hamer

Trustee at MADT (making a difference Tameside.) 

I attended Lesley's 'Faithbilder's ' class for many months. She is always very encouraging, interesting and positive.


Her classes are a great starting point for any young Christian wanting to start their journey. Or for those who want to go deeper in their faith.

The classes gave me a good grounding in the basic principles of faith. Lesley taught in a way that made it easy to understand and follow on to more in-depth teaching.


Positive affirmations for self worth

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